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Weekdays 10 AM - 6 PM

Saturday & Sunday by Appointment

Corporate Housing Available

Two-Bedroom Units Include Garage

Pasadena Ridge is non-smoking

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4710 N Pasadena Ridge Ln
Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Intersection of Argonne and Wellesley

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Truly impressed resident

To: Pasadena Ridge Owners

From: Truly impressed resident

I just wanted to extend a heart felt thank you for providing a home that is truly like no other.  I have lived in many places that just wanted my rent check and offered nothing in return but an ever diminishing place to live.  Here, our experience has been just the opposite.  We see and appreciate your effort to give back and to help create a true community atmosphere, something sorely missing in today's modern world.

Your team from the top down is truly a blessing to us all, from the managers to the grounds crew.  We love the quality of our home and the ascetics of the buildings and the grounds.  Everyone is so friendly and hard working.  I dreaded the idea of stepping backwards from being a home owner to a renter again but living here has really blessed my family and made the transition easy and comfortable.

I would also like to acknowledge how impressed I am with Jim, your head grounds keeper.  He is truly knowledgeable and has done a wonderful job with the course.  The greens are in great shape and punching the greens made all the difference in the world in their playability.  I applauded you for working so hard to provide such a wonderful course for us all to recreate on.  It has proved to be a great way to meet our neighbors and get to know each other on common ground.

You run a top notch establishment and I wanted to take the time to acknowlege all of your efforts and hard work in giving back to the community and making this place truly home for our family.  Everyone working here is just awesome and has made this place a place to truly call home.  From my heart, I truly thank you.  Please keep it up and know that someone is watching and is truly impressed.


Brian Bolam

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